CSF (ConfigServer Security and Firewall)

ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) is a Firewall software installed on your server to keep it secure. It provides an advanced and easy-to-use web-based interface to manage firewall settings.

In this article, you will learn the following items:

  • How to reach CSF web-based interface
  • What kinds of blocks exist
  • How to whitelist an IP address
  • How to blacklist an IP address
  • How to check if an IP address is blocked/whitelisted
  • How to remove the block from the IP address                                                                                        How to reach  CSF web – based interface                                                            The CSF can be managed by the ROOT (System Administrator) user only. To access the interface, you need to log in to your server’s WHM control panel as user.                         
  • Alternatively, you can use the “search” form on the panel left side. You can type there “configserver” to find it faster                                                                                               
  •                           What kinds of blocks exist                                                                                 Depending upon  situation/activity, the firewall can apply various types of blocks.
    • Temporary block. The firewall can apply a temporary block. This block expires in 3600 seconds (60 minutes), i.e., the block is removed in an hour.
    • Permanent block. When the number of temporary blocks reaches a specific number, the CSF applies a permanent block. This block doesn’t expire and can be removed only manually.
    • Manual block. This block is applied manually by the System Administrator/VPS/Dedicated Server owner.
    •                        How to whitelist an IP address                                                                To perform the IP address whitelisting, the CSF provides the quick whitelisting option.
    • WHM » ConfigServer Security & Firewall » csf – Quick Actions » “Quick Allow”
    • To allow the IP address, you need to enter it under the allow IP address field, put a note of why the IP address was whitelisted under the comment box.                           How to Blacklist an IP addressThere are many possible reasons why you may decide to block the IP address from accessing your server. You can take that action within the same area that’s called CSF – Quick ActionsWHM » ConfigServer Security & Firewall » csf – Quick Actions » “Quick Deny                                                                                                    How to check if an IP address is blocked/whitelisted
    • We can check if the IP address was blocked or whitelisted using the search IPWHM » ConfigServer Security & Firewall » csf – ConfigServer Firewall » Search for IP
    •                                                                                               How to remove the block from the IP address                                                   To remove an  IP address type the IP in search box  field and click on the unblock button.
    • Hence it will be removed manually from our end.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Thanks

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