Install WordPress for subdomain in cPanel without using Softaculous

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Install WordPress for subdomain in cPanel without using Softaculous

  • Log in to your cPanel account with enthusiasm and confidence.

  • Navigate to the “Subdomains” section, feeling the excitement of creating a new online space.

  • Create a vibrant subdomain that reflects your creativity and vision for your website.


  • Head to the “File Manager” with a sense of empowerment to manage your website files.

  • Download the latest version of WordPress with optimism from the official website.

                             Using This URL –

  • Upload the WordPress zip file to your subdomain directory, savoring the moment of taking control.

  • Unzip the file with assurance, knowing you’re unleashing the power of WordPress for your subdomain.
  • Create a MySQL database and user with a positive mindset, embracing the database setup process.


  • Edit the wp-config.php file confidently, connecting WordPress to your database with precision.
  • Open your web browser, type in the subdomain URL, and experience the joy of the WordPress installation wizard.




Go to file manager in cPanel and extract the WordPress zip file under your subdomain folder. 


Why is File Manager Plugin needed for wordpress?


File Management plugin for WordPress is a super innovative idea if you look forward to dealing your website in a proficient way.

  • WP File Manager offers the best solution with an integrated platform to manage your files and folders the same way which you are looking for.
  • It enables you to entirely different custom features that save your time, eases your work, makes you hassle-free and does your job more efficiently.
  • File Manager plugin assists you by enabling all the prominent features required for your website customization for accessing backend and frontend.


  After the extraction move the WordPress files to public_html, the path should be /public_html/your subdomain name/


Click and edit the wp_config.php file, enter your database name, database username and your database password.
  • Now run your subdomain in your browser, you will get the WordPress introduction page enter your database name and database username and your database password and submit.
  • Now, click on run installation now enter the site title, username, generate the password (this username and password is used to login and admin Dashboard)


Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed WordPress for your subdomain without using Softaculous, showcasing your capability and enthusiasm for managing your website.

Why would you choose WordPress?

Customizable and Scalable

There are thousands of plugins with different features, including customer relationship management (CRM), content management, and social media plugins. One of the advantages of WordPress is customizing how your website looks, and it’s also easy to use the wide range of themes.

Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

  • 1. Open-Source – It is open-source software – users can install, modify, and distribute it however they want. Since the source code is accessible to everyone, millions of experts and developers can create tools and extensions and share them with the public.
  • 2. Easy to Learn – It is arguably one of the most intuitive content management systems out there. One of the aspects that makes WordPress so easy to use is its user-friendly easy dashboard.
  • 3. Fast and Reliable – Having a fast website speed is important to maintain a good user experience. The website’s bounce rate may increase up to 32% when your page load time goes from one to three seconds.
  • 4. Fully Control and Own Your Website – Another benefit of using Wp instead of other website builders is that you get full control and ownership of your site. Compared to services like Wix or Square Space, Wp lets its users access and Space modify code to shape their websites according to their needs.
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