How To Install Joomla in Your Web Hosting Account

In this tutorial step by step install Joomla in your web hosting account.

Step by Step Install Joomla

Step 1. Open the Hosting Admin panel. Use the admin username and password then login to your Cpanel. This username and password provided your hosting company.

Step 2. After login opens hosting Cpanel account and then scroll down. Here we can see the  Extra Features row click Softaculous Auto Installer. This software quickly installs your server.

Step 3. This is the Softaculous Auto Installer panel. This panel has many more options but we have clicked  on the Joomla CMS.

Step 4. Open Joomla install section and then click the install button.

Step 5. Choose the install version you want to install.

Step 6. If you do not want to install in a folder, leave the Directory option blank. If not, write the name of the directory.

Step 7. Change admin settings very carefully

  1. Write Admin Username. Whatever you want.
  2. Write Admin Password. Write this password very strong minimum of 12 letters.
  3. Write Real Name. Whatever you want.
  4. Write Admin Email. You can write any type of email id.
  5. Language is default English but you can choose anyone.
  6. Click install.
  10.              Here we have successufully installed the Joomla software.

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